About us

We at SAWN have created custom furniture, cabinetry and architectural elements in Alameda, California since 2013.  

With an eye for "what works" in daily life, we work with clients to provide products that simplify and enrich their lives. We want to make beautiful and extraordinary furnishings that fit your life, seamlessly. 

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SAWN is owned by Neela Miller and Nathan Klark. We founded SAWN a few years after we completed construction on a Tibetan Buddhist temple on the Northern California coast. Shockingly, we still love working together 10 years later. 

Our way of working is rooted in sustainability, longevity, and cutting through obstacles. We want your project to be completed on time, within budget, and leave you feeling like you've added real value to your home.

Nathan has an innate sense of how something is going to be used. His meticulously pragmatic approach to design is balanced by Neela's vision for a broader, more cohesive look to projects, informed by Neela's formal art and design education. (She is a sculptor on the sly.)

Some notable commercial clients include The America's Cup, Kenwood Winery, Superbowl 50 Host Committee, Craftsman and Wolves, Clover POS, Cellarmaker Brewing Company, and The Good Hop.


Alameda Point Studios

1800 Ferry Point

Alameda, CA 94501