Our clients value lasting quality and a creative, thoughtful vision for their projects.

Read on to find out what homeowners, architects, and interior designers say about working with SAWN.

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“SAWN Custom Woodwork built custom white oak kitchen cabinets for our home. They played an integral part in creating our dream kitchen.

“We were initially hesitant that they would be able to deliver the product that we desired on time and within our budget. However, they gave us very productive input, and suggested small changes that made all of the difference in the end.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness meticulousness that went into our design. Nathan had creative solutions for the challenges that were presented during the course of the project. Our project was delivered on-schedule and on-budget.   

“Our project turned out better than we could have ever hoped."

"SAWN was able to maximize the storage in our kitchen with their design. Cooking meals has become more of a pleasure than it ever was before. Our cabinets are not only super-functional, but they are the centerpiece of our home. We consistently get compliments on them.

“I would recommend SAWN to anyone that is looking for a beautiful, special, and thoughtful piece of woodworking for any part of their home.”

- Chris Doerksen, Oakland, CA


"As the owner of a residential design-build company I highly value finding reliable & talented subcontractors and craft people to work with on my projects. I have worked with SAWN Custom Woodwork for multiple remodeling projects needing the best quality custom cabinetry. This has included baths, kitchens, fully custom built in benches & doors. They have been wonderful throughout the entire process.

As an architect I value Nathan's input during the design phase of projects and trust that he will follow through on the smallest details. As a general contractor I value the prompt responses with estimates, changes & most importantly timely delivery and installation of the casework. At the end of a project, I appreciate the high level of craftsmanship brought to all levels of the work, from construction to finish.

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Most importantly I value how happy my clients have been with the work SAWN has done.

All our projects have turned out beautifully and returning years later have aged beautifully as well."

-Ben Obreicht, Temescal Design/Build

"SAWN built a custom bunkbed and built-in cabinetry for our son's room. We had never worked with them before, so fear of the unknown gave us some hesitation.

"Nathan's work not only looks fantastic, but the quality of construction is outstanding.  Our son treats his bed like a jungle gym, and it has withstood all of the abuse without even showing a nick.  The cabinetry is smooth and sturdy. The design has freed up a lot of space in our son's room and made it a wonderful space to live in.  We all love it.

"I would recommend SAWN Custom Woodwork to others.  I would have them come over and see the quality of the work to get a true sense of the craftsmanship."

-Scott F., Marin County, California

"I’ve worked with SAWN on a number of projects in San Francisco and New York City, from custom kitchens, baths, and closets for residences, to bars and cabinetry for commercial spaces. All of these projects turned out excellent, with any follow on issues handled because they take pride in their work and find perfection in detail.

I never hesitate to use SAWN because they only make the job outcome better.

"With good communication and professionalism they are able to talk thru the project so expectations are met for designer and client. Knowledge in expert craftsmanship, function and custom finishes I cannot get elsewhere. The work lasts forever and is incredibly beautiful. Nothing beats custom if you are trying to maximize urban spaces and SAWN offers true craftsmanship at an old world level to suit any taste. “

-Colleen Brand, FRESH SPACES